How To Keep Your Photo Cube Safe And In Good Condition

Transform Your Favorite Photos into a gorgeous 3D Crystal Photo Cube! Your very own personal photo, laser etched into beautiful crystal for a cherished memory, is etched in your cube. Your photo will be protected by the ultraviolet light protecting it from harmful UV rays. This crystal photo cube is a simple way to remember that special event.

This photo cube comes in two colors. The “Original” colored cube has no clear cut, etched image on the front. This is due to the fact that this type of photo is more fragile and needs extra care than other crystal photo cubes. The “Clear Cut” photo cube has a clear cut, etched image on the front.

If you would prefer to have your photo in clear, you can always send in a photo in a clear color. You will need a clear-cut image in order to receive the clear color photo

You can choose from a variety of options when choosing the color of your crystal photo cubes. You can have them in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes, or even in any combination of these colors.

Take the time to remember that special day. When you receive your photo cube make sure you keep it safe and secure. You should avoid taking it apart before using it, as this is one item that you will not want to be damaged. It will be safe to store in a cool, dry place like your closet or basement. A good idea is to store it away until you will need it again

Make sure that your photos are properly protected before you use your crystal photo cube. Don’t let it get wet and damp because this will damage the surface of your photo. If you use it before your photo is completely dry, it may start to fade and peel. Use it wisely.

Store your crystal photo cube in a dry and dust-free environment. The reason for this is because the cube is susceptible to damage from moisture and humidity. Also, it is not recommended to store it in an area that has an air conditioner because they will dry out the glass in a short amount of time. Store it where it will not be affected by direct sunlight or wind because the cube’s glass will begin to fade.

If you choose to put your photo cube in a clear plastic storage box, make sure you put a little bit of protective covering around it. This will prevent fingerprints from forming on the surface. Or scratching it. Once you are done using your photo cube, just take it out of the box and it will be ready to be used immediately

Enjoy your photo cube and remember that special event! Your photo will last forever and will be cherished for many years to come.

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